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Success! Dennis from Kenya raised $1,049 to fund surgery to repair a fracture in his left arm.

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Dennis's treatment was fully funded on January 27, 2023.
September 1, 2022

Dennis is a hardworking student and the firstborn in a family of two. He is in class eight and at the end of the year, he will be sitting for his national exams. He enjoys playing football with his friends. He lives with his single mother who works as a casual laborer getting work whenever she can. His mother describes Dennis as the only hope in their family.

On 11th August, as he was playing with his friends, Dennis fell and sustained a closed fracture of the left arm. He is unable to use his hand which is in severe pain. His education is also affected.

Dennis’ mother does laundry for the neighbors to support her family’s basic needs. With what she earns, she is unable to pay for her son’s surgery.

Fortunately, surgeons at our medical partner can help. On September 2nd, Dennis will undergo a fracture repair procedure, called an open reduction and internal fixation. He will be able to use his hand, experience no pain and he will go back to school. He will also continue enjoying playing football with his friends. Now, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1,049 to fund this procedure.

Dennis mother says, “I struggle a lot providing for my family. I am not in a position to pay my son’s hospital bill. I plead for help so that he gets the required treatment and he may continue with his education. He is the hope of our family.”

Dennis is a hardworking student and the firstborn in a family of two. He is in class eight and at the end of the year, he will be sitting fo...

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Dennis's Timeline

  • September 1, 2022

    Dennis was submitted by SAFE Program Admin, SAFE Program Admin at African Mission Healthcare.

  • September 2, 2022

    Dennis's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • September 5, 2022

    Dennis was scheduled to receive treatment at Nazareth Hospital in Kenya. Medical partners often provide care to patients accepted by Watsi before those patients are fully funded, operating under the guarantee that the cost of care will be paid for by donors.

  • January 27, 2023

    Dennis's treatment was fully funded.


    Awaiting Dennis's treatment update from African Mission Healthcare.

Funded by 26 donors

Funded by 26 donors

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Meet Su, a 10-year-old girl, living with her mother in Thailand. Because her parents are no longer together, Su sometimes also goes and stays with her father. Both of her parents work for local community organizations. When Su has free time, she enjoys drawing pictures, and playing with her friends. Su was born with clubfeet and a dislocated hip. After her birth, she received corrective surgery in Chiang Mai, with the help of our medical partner, BCMF. During her last visit to the hospital after her surgery, the doctor told her mother that she would need to bring Su back to the hospital after she had outgrown the special, corrective shoes she wore for her clubfeet. Due to financial constraints, issues with documentation, and the Covid pandemic, Su's parents were never able to bring her back to the hospital. In June 2022, Su started to experience pain in her right foot, whenever she walked for longer than 10 minutes. And, for the first time, she also began to feel pain in her right hip when she walked. The doctor at Mae Sot Hospital diagnosed her with a dislocated hip, and referred her to Chiang Mai for further treatment. Doctors in Chiang Mai want Su to undergo an MRI, which will help them to reach a definitive diagnosis, and to formulate a plan of treatment. Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting your help to cover the $814 cost of Su's MRI and care, scheduled for October 18th, at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. "I want my daughter to become a doctor in the future so that she can help others who also suffer from clubfeet," said Su's mother.

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Kim is a 43-year-old married father of a 15-year-old son. While his family has a rice farm and tends farm animals to sell at the market, Kim also works in the city in construction, to add to the financial support for his family. When he is home, he enjoys meeting with his friends, and watching boxing on TV. In May, Kim was in a motor collision with another motorbike, badly injuring his left shoulder and forearm. He went to the local hospital, where he underwent surgery, and had hardware placed that would hold the fractured bones in his arm together. Despite the surgery, his forearm continues to be very painful, and he experiences tingling in his fingers, although he can't move them. In addition to these symptoms, his fingers are bent into a claw like position, because of damage to a major nerve that controls the muscles in his hand and arm. His arm is weak, and he cannot work with his left hand, so he is unable to pursue jobs in construction. The loss in pay from his construction work has made it difficult for his family financially, and Kim is worried about their future. Fortunately, our medical partner, Children's Surgical Centre, is here to help Kim access the care that he needs. Children's Surgical Centre is requesting your help to fund a $572 procedure, which is scheduled for September 12th. During this surgery, physicians at Kien Khleang National Rehabilitation Centre will perform a nerve exploration and a bone graft, to complete the repair of Kim's arm, enabling him to return to his construction work, and to a life without pain. Kim shared: "After surgery, I hope my arm will have no more pain, I will heal soon, and will be able to work with my hand for my family again."

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100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.