Success! Guy from Haiti raised $1,500 to fund prep and transport for life-changing cardiac surgery.

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Guy's treatment was fully funded on March 20, 2022.
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February 28, 2022

Photo of Guy post-operation

April 5, 2022

Guy underwent life-changing cardiac surgery.

We just received an update from our medical partner that Guy's surgery went well! During surgery, doctors closed the hole in Guy's heart wit...

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Guy's Timeline

  • February 28, 2022

    Guy was submitted by Owen Robinson, Executive Director at International Cardiac Alliance.

  • February 28, 2022

    Guy received treatment at Hospital CEDIMAT in Dominican Republic. Medical partners often provide care to patients accepted by Watsi before those patients are fully funded, operating under the guarantee that the cost of care will be paid for by donors.

  • March 1, 2022

    Guy's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • March 20, 2022

    Guy's treatment was fully funded.

  • April 5, 2022

    Guy's treatment was successful. Read the update.

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Samnang is a 31-year-old farmer from Cambodia. Residing in rural Kampong Speu province with his elderly parents and older brother, Samnang and his brother are subsistence rice farmers. What they do not eat, they sell at the local market in exchange for vegetables and other items. Before his injury, he enjoyed football matches with neighbors as part of everyday life. In September 2023, Samnang had a motorbike collision with a car, falling hard on his right shoulder on the pavement. This caused head trauma and paralysis of his right shoulder and arm. He was taken to a local hospital, where it was confirmed that he ruptured his brachial plexus, causing certain muscles to be unusable. The brachial plexus is a nerve network that transmits signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm, and hand. Injuries to this nerve network can result in loss of function and sensation. However, he was unable to afford the care that is required to help and has not been able to use his arm or work for the past four months. He has pain over his shoulder and no sensation in his forearm. Samnang traveled to Kien Khleang National Rehabilitation Centre to receive treatment. This is the only center in the whole country where this treatment is available. On January 30th, he will undergo a brachial plexus repair surgery. After recovery, he hopes to have some function of his right arm restored. Our medical partner, Children's Surgical Centre, is requesting $709 to fund this procedure. Samnang said: "I hope I can use my hand again so I can work and my brother will not have to take care of me."

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