Husein's Story

Husein joined Watsi on November 30th, 2014. Nine years ago, Husein joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Husein's most recent donation traveled 8,500 miles to support Lekere, a 2nd grader from Kenya, to fund clubfoot repair surgery.


Husein has funded healthcare for 105 patients in 14 countries.

Patients funded by Husein

Jasmin is a young mother of three from Philippines. Her partner, Crisanto Olivar, works as a food handler and earns $155 a month for their family. The couple has 3 children and Jasmin brings them to school every day. She shared that due to family problems, Jasmin was only able to finish her first year in high school which gave her a hard time finding employment, so to help with household expenses Jasmin sells drinks near their house and earns around $2 a day. In 2017, Jasmin began to experience troubling symptoms, including back pain, abdominal pain, and nausea. In 2018, she was diagnosed with gallstones and was advised to undergo a surgery immediately. Due to financial constraints, she suffered the pain for years until she heard about treatment offered at our partner care center. After seeking treatment through our medical partner, World Surgical Foundation Philippines (WSFP), Jasmin is scheduled to undergo a cholecystectomy on October 21st. A portion of the cost of the procedure is being supported by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, and WSFP is raising the remaining $1128 to cover the cost of Jasmin's surgery and care. Jasmin says, "The surgery will be a big help for me and my family because there is no way we can afford the cost of the procedure, hospitalization and medicines for my treatment. I dream of having a long life and to see my children finish school and live a nice life. So I am very grateful to the people who will help me make my dream come true."

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Meet Cynthia, a shy and reserved girl who lives in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya. She is the sixth child among eight siblings. Currently, she attends nursery school at a nearby primary school. Cynthia's parents are small-scale farmers, primarily cultivating maize and beans for their family to eat. They used to have a mango farm, which provided them with additional income, however, their mangoes were destroyed when an unknown person set fire to the farm. To make ends meet, Cynthia's parents sometimes work as casual laborers to earn a modest income for their children, all of whom attend primary school. One afternoon, Cynthia was involved in a motorbike accident while returning from school, resulting in an injury to her left thigh. She received initial treatment and pain relief before being referred to a larger medical facility. Upon assessment, an x-ray revealed that Cynthia had a displaced fracture of the femur shaft. Her left leg appeared shortened, and she experienced significant pain, particularly when the limb was moved. She has been under observation and skin traction at the medical facility for approximately a month now. A recent x-ray showed that while there was some callus formation, the fracture remained displaced. The surgeon with our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH) recommended surgery as the best option to ensure proper healing and avoid a lifelong discrepancy in limb length. The surgical procedure, an open reduction and internal fixation, is scheduled for August 2nd. This intervention will aid in Cynthia's healing process and restore her ability to use her limb normally. We are fortunate that surgeons with our medical partner, AMH, can provide the necessary assistance. To support Cynthia's surgery and her journey to recovery, AMH is seeking $1145 in funding to cover her treatment costs. Your contribution will make a significant impact on Cynthia's life, granting her the opportunity to heal properly and lead a better life. Cynthia’s mother says, “When I heard that a motorbike hit my daughter, I was worried. I lost a child recently, so I am still recovering, and the unexpected happens again. I cried a lot, but now that she is safe, I am grateful to God. Please help her undergo surgery so that she can grow and walk well.”

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Madelyn is a 38-year-old mother of two from the Philippines. She works as a quality specialist at a local company, while her husband is a stay-at-home father who is in charge of taking care of their children. In December 2022, Madelyn began to experience troubling symptoms, including frequent attacks of abdominal pain at night. Over time, the pain intensified, so she immediately sought medical advice. She was prescribed medication to alleviate the pain, but it persisted. She was then told to undergo an ultrasound test, which revealed the presence of a gallstone. Madelyn has been advised to undergo a cholecystectomy, the surgical removal of the gallbladder. If left untreated, her symptoms will continue to worsen and put her at risk for further health complications in the future. After seeking treatment through our medical partner World Surgical Foundation Philippines (WSFP), Madelyn is scheduled to undergo a cholecystectomy on July 19th. A portion of the cost of the procedure is being supported by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, and WSFP is raising the remaining $1,128 to cover the cost of Madelyn's surgery and care. Madelyn shared, "This free surgery is a big help for us as we are currently struggling financially. My mother has just passed away on June 4th, which further exacerbated our financial and emotional turmoil. This operation will greatly help us, and I'm grateful that there's an organization like Watsi and World Surgical Foundation Philippines who are willing to help."

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