Farshad Farahbakhshian
Farshad's Story

Farshad joined Watsi on May 11th, 2014. 60 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Farshad's most recent donation traveled 8,700 miles to support Medard, a three-year-old boy from Tanzania, to fund leg surgery to increase his mobility and decrease his risk of future complications.


Farshad has funded healthcare for 200 patients in 13 countries.

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Titus is a hardworking 24-year-old from Kenya. He is the only child to his single mother, who sells tea and porridge at the market. Due to their financial situation, Titus was compelled to drop out of high school and do casual labor jobs to support his mother. Together with his mother, they live in his uncles’ home who is a small-scale farmer. Titus also helps his uncle with farm work. A month ago, Titus fell at work and his hand was cut by a sharp object. Titus went to a nearby facility where his wound was sutured because the fracture was open, and a splint was applied in order to stabilize the fracture. Now he cannot work using his hand and therefore he depends entirely on his mother. When he realized that there was no improvement of his injury, Titus visited a nearby facility where he was referred to our medical partner's care center Kapsowar Hospital. On physical examination, the surgeon told him that he required an urgent surgery in order to repair his tendon and fix his fracture which had taken time to heal. Titus has no medical insurance and is worried about how he can pay for the care he needs. Fortunately, surgeons at our medical partner can help. On September 27th, Titus will undergo a fracture repair procedure, called an open reduction and internal fixation. Titus will be able to go back to his work and continue to earn a living. He will be able to assist his mother. Now, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $941 to fund this procedure. Titus says, “I get my income through working with my hands. Now that I cannot use them, I feel so bad. I don’t want to burden my mother who is also struggling. Kindly help me.”

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Beatrice is a 51-year-old farmer and the mother of six children. Beatrice has a great passion to educate her children as she shared that she does not wish for them to suffer as she did due to a lack of education. She is soft-spoken, calm, and humble. Beatrice and her husband practice farming for their daily food and sell off the surplus to cover basics for their family. Three years ago, Beatrice began to experience troubling symptoms, including anterior neck swelling. At first, this was painless, but with time, she started experiencing shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, and persistent headaches. Beatrice can barely turn her neck and has difficulty sleeping. This has limited her work performance as she no longer attends to her farm like she used to and she gets fatigued easily whenever she tries to work. Doctors have diagnosed her with a nodular goiter and she needs surgery to prevent her symptoms from getting worse. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is helping Beatrice receive treatment. She is scheduled to undergo a thyroidectomy on June 14th at our medical partner's care center. Surgeons will remove all or part of her thyroid gland. This procedure will cost $252, and she and her family need help raising money. Beatrice says, “I would really love to see my children have a successful future. I have always worked so hard but this condition has affected my health. When given your support, I will undergo my surgery, get well and continue with farming to sustain my family.”

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