Stephen's Story

Stephen joined Watsi on April 14th, 2013. Nine years ago, Stephen joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Stephen's most recent donation traveled 8,600 miles to support Saw Eh, a young refugee from Thailand, to fund hernia repair surgery so he can return to school pain free.


Stephen has funded healthcare for 272 patients in 17 countries.

Patients funded by Stephen

Ester is a 56-year-old woman from Uganda. She is married with five children, all in school. Together with her husband, she engages in small-scale farming for survival. Ester humbly requests donors to support her tumor removal surgery, enabling her to lead a better quality of life and continue providing for her family. She has been experiencing swelling around the neck posteriorly for ten years, which has significantly impacted her quality of life. This condition prevents her from turning her neck or carrying anything on her head. She has endured this problem for so long, causing her discomfort and disfigurement. Due to her condition, she avoids wearing clothes that don't cover her neck, fearing ridicule. The inability to afford surgical treatment has been stressful for her. Without proper treatment, her quality of life will continue to deteriorate, and the swelling may progress severely. Ester has never received hospital treatment and has relied on pain relievers from health centers, which did not alleviate her condition. As her mass worsened, she decided to seek help at Nyakibale Hospital, where she learned about successful treatments from others. On November 7th, she is scheduled for surgery to finally remove the mass on her neck. Now, Ester needs help to raise $137 to fund this procedure. Ester says, "I will surely be grateful and praise the Living God to free myself from this condition. I thank the donors for their support, as I cannot afford it. I look forward to farming once I am well."

Fully funded