Venkata Harish Mallipeddi
Venkata's Story

Venkata joined Watsi on April 17th, 2013. 30 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Venkata's most recent donation traveled 8,300 miles to support Dah Si, a student from Burma, to fund heart surgery.


Venkata has funded healthcare for 70 patients in 10 countries.

Patients funded by Venkata

John is a devoted farmer and a loving father of three boys. He finds solace and fulfillment in tending to his farm, caring for his sheep and cows. Unfortunately, last year, he suffered a leg injury that affected his mobility, and he now relies on a walker to move around. Thankfully, his wife has been a great support, assisting him with daily tasks since the accident. When our medical partner first encountered John, he had come to the emergency department with a four-day-old fracture. The injury occurred when he bravely confronted a wild animal that had threatened his sheep during the night. However, he slipped on muddy ground during the encounter, resulting in a severe injury to his right leg. Upon closer examination, doctors discovered that John had experienced a previous fracture in the same leg about a year ago, which had never received proper treatment. Despite getting a cast in a nearby health facility, John and his family couldn't afford the transportation to Kapsowar Hospital for treatment by an orthopedic surgeon. Consequently, he endured pain and had limited use of his limb. Fortunately, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH) has skilled surgeons who can offer assistance. On August 2nd, John is scheduled to undergo a fracture repair procedure, known as an open reduction and internal fixation. This intervention will alleviate his pain, allow for proper healing, and restore his ability to work and provide for his family. To support John's journey to recovery, AMH is seeking $1145 to fund the procedure. Your generous contribution will make a significant impact, giving John the opportunity to heal, regain mobility, and continue his vital role as a provider for his family. John says, "I have had problems with my body, and my financial status is very poor. I wish I was well and with energy so that I can do my daily chores. Please help me undergo this surgery so that I may be strong and be able to restore my mobility.”

Fully funded

Billy is a 14-year-old student from a rural area named Migori in Kenya. He is in grade six, and loves playing football. He is the last born in a family of 6 kids. He comes from a family that depends on their small-scale farming for sustenance and live together in a mud house. Three months ago, Billy was playing with other boys using bicycles. Unfortunately, one of the boys pushed his bike down a hill, and Billy fell into a ditch. He was hurt in the right leg and was taken to Migori Referral, where a Plaster cast was applied. The bones had not united when it was removed, but the family decided to seek traditional medicine. In spite of the traditional medicine, which involved massaging his leg, Billy cannot walk properly. He is in a lot of pain; he has difficulties walking and engaging in day-to-day activities. Dr. Owen, a Medical Officer, heard about Billy when he visited Migori. He decided to request and pay for an X-Ray, which showed the bones are not united yet. The doctor brought Billy to Nazareth Hospital for evaluation by Watsi's local rep. When he was seen at Nazareth, the surgeon determined that a fracture surgery is needed to correct his condition, but the cost is very out of reach for this family. Fortunately, surgeons at our medical partner can help. On July 4th, Billy will undergo a fracture repair procedure, called an open reduction and internal fixation. When treated, Billy will no longer be in pain, he will be able to walk, and his leg will heal without deformity as he continues to grow. Now, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1049 to fund this procedure. “I thank Dr Owen for what he has done. I hope my brother can get help so that his leg can recover so that he can go back to school,” said Billy’s brother quietly.

Fully funded