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Lucky joined Watsi on March 12th, 2016. 21 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Lucky's most recent donation supported Lai, a hardworking grandfather from Cambodia, to fund fracture repair surgery so he can walk again.


Lucky has funded healthcare for 12 patients in 6 countries.

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Six-month-old June is a cute little girl who lives with her parents in a single-room rental house in Kenya. June’s father is a teacher, and her mother is a housewife. When June was five months old, her parents noted that her head was increasing in size at a fast rate. Having never raised another child, they thought this was normal. During a normal pediatric clinic, the doctor noted that June's head size was abnormal. A scan revealed that June has excess fluid in her head—a condition known as hydrocephalus—and her parents were advised to seek treatment from a specialist. In babies with hydrocephalus, fluid accumulates in the brain as a result of infection, trauma, genetic defect, or abnormal development of the brain or spinal cord. The effects of hydrocephalus are serious. Too much fluid increases pressure on the brain and inside the skull, leading to an enlarged head and developmental issues such as vision loss or mental disability. June's parents have had difficulty coming to terms with their daughter's medical condition. They want the best for their daughter, so they continue to seek help for her care. “The news that my daughter has hydrocephalus was hard to believe," shares June's mother. "I did not even know anything of that sort." A close family friend who had once received treatment at BethanyKids Kijabe Hospital advised them to go there for help. It is possible for little June to get the treatment she needs there, but her parents cannot afford the surgical care that she requires and they have no external sources of income. For $685, June will undergo a surgical procedure to drain the excess fluid from her head. Doctors will place a shunt in her brain to divert the fluid to her abdomen, where it can be resorbed by her body. Funding also pays for five days of hospital care, including imaging, lab tests, and medicine. June's parents are contributing $21 to cover additional costs associated with her care. "I am just praying and hoping that June will get treated before her head can grow any bigger," her mother says.

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